Pixels in X, Y, & Z

Bowlarama: 3D Signage. This scene was inspired by vintage 50's motel, bowling and drive through signage that still survives in some parts of the country. Let's hear it for nostalgia!
Naboo Starfighter drive detail: Rendering of the "Naboo Starfighter from Star Wars Episode 1 showing more engineering details of the propulsion unit. Though reference books on the Star Wars saga were consulted, I designed a large part of the psuedo-science that went into the interior detail.
Naboo Starfighter layout: The richly detailed alternate reality of Lucas's Star Wars provided the perfect opportunit—and challenge—for creating convincingly believable future tech. The scene was rendered in an engineering-style exploded view of the ship's mechanicals.
Happy Hour, Guadalajara: 3D still life. Though rendering liquid in a transparent vessel is time consuming and processor-intensive because of all the reflection and refraction calcula-tions, the results often have a coolness-factor that makes the wait justifiable. I decided to use the subject matter as a metaphor for the different ways we all seek relaxation and stress management at the end of a long, hard week.